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March 31, 2022

Cicada 3301 Delivers Humanitarian Aid to Refugees via Unique Crypto Token

Cicada 3301, the mysterious puzzle-creating organization best known for advocating privacy and human rights, has once again revealed its global presence, with cryptic posters spotted in Italy, Hungary, Brussels, New York and elsewhere.

Astonishingly, what has also emerged is a unique crypto token issued by Cicada 3301 LLC, linked to the organization's humanitarian goals. Since its release, the new token has gained 20% in daily trade. The token may appeal to young investors demanding investments aligned with their personal philosophy, and to those seeking an efficient means to deliver relief to troubled areas.

The community of Cicada solvers is thought to number in the millions worldwide, as its key themes know no geographic boundaries.

The new posters - "War in U Crain" - carry a double meaning hinting at psychological aspects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The Cicada governance team includes noted directors, composers, artists, producers, and writers, as well as deep expertise in cryptography, cryptocurrency blockchain technologies, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

"We intend to raise funds for women and children displaced by the regional conflict," says New Zealand artist and senior partner Ana Couper. "The idea of a philanthropic token is entirely new within the cryptocurrency world," says Michael Levine, a well-known composer and Cicada member. Levine, famous for his "Kitkat" jingle, adds "With this token, we can make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable victims of war."

According to Couper, interest in Cicada 3301 remains unabated since its birth in 2012. She adds, "People can feel good about investing in a token that addresses the immediate needs of women and children displaced by crisis. In the past, charities have sometimes proven slow to address the urgent issues of food and shelter facing these women and their children, whereas cryptocurrency offers a way to deliver meaningful targeted relief with the immediacy that is needed."

The group's Discord community - where the first official announcement of the Cicada token occurred on "Pi Day," March 14th, 2022 - is open to the public. The announcement launched a new multilayer, multidimensional puzzle. According to board member Matthew Chapman, a significant feature of the new puzzle architecture is the inclusion of crypto wallets containing Cicada tokens within puzzles. This serves three purposes: incentive to solve, prize for solving, and verification for the community of whether a given puzzle has been solved.

The first puzzle was just solved. Many more puzzles and rewards lie ahead.

Cicada wants to deliver immediate help to those who feel most helpless. The token is there to offer immediate assistance to women and children caught in a tragic refugee situation.

The Cicada token trades on the Ethereum blockchain. The initial coin offering is on Uniswap at

For more information about the Cicada token, visit As with any investment, investor due diligence is advised.


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